The Adventurers of Kaer

Chapter 2 - Session 4

Bright moonlight shines down on our group of adventures and the townspeople of Bree. Jacob, father of Thomas lies dead outside his home in a pile of his own blood. Our adventurers are injured but survived the fight with the unknown adepts that held this town hostage.

After patching up the townsfolk (and themselves) the crew decides they need to know more about what happened. The bar owner pours a few shots and relives the story of the adepts coming into town, gathering everyone into a group then forcing them into bondage before locking them in the Inn. The group seems to have been waiting for something, but never asked for information or stole any items.

Not one to pass up an opportunity to liberate some items, Raistlin decides that a few remaining bottles of liquor and some bedding will serve him better than it would the townsfolk and packs it away before resuming his search for signs of the bandits.

Thomas returns with Ketchem to his family’s home. They bring the bodies of his mother and father upstairs and lay them in bed, before gathering supplies from the house. A sturdy wardrobe stands in the corner of the bedroom locked by a padlock. Hoping there could be something inside that sheds light on this mystery, Thomas gives Ketchem the go-ahead to break the lock off. More than a few swings of a sword later, the wardrobe is open with a lone journal and a pair of well-worn gloves sitting inside. Thomas takes the items, flipping through the book in hopes of information of the plague. Unfortunately, this book seems to focus more on the events of Eston Kaer before/during/after the opening.

Knowing it’s time to close this chapter, Thomas leaves the house and sets it on fire. He stands holding his sister close as the place burns; the town looks on in silence.

Thomas is given a few items from a recent will that his father wrote. A key and a note that simply says “The Will of Kul”. A second letter is given to Thomas from Takaris on behalf of Owyn Bodvar.

  • “By now you will know first-hand the darkness that plagues our land. I am truly sorry for you loss Thomas. Do not let your father’s death go meaningless. I beseech you; travel to Travar where I will be waiting for an audience two weeks from tonight. Perhaps together we can learn the source of this dark power and finally put an end to this plague. Speak of this to no one. I will be staying at the Golden Goose Inn under the name Boren”

Finding the bandits is the group’s first priority now that the village is safe. They take off following traces of blood, only to see their very own airship fly above them and turn away towards Eston. Meeting the rest of the airship crew, it seems clear that the very adepts that used illusionary magic to trick them at the Inn has done the same to the crew of the Titanic Hawk.

Our adventures prepare to depart to Travar. Not knowing if they can trust Owyn Bodvar, this still seems to be a better plan then venturing back to the less-then-friendly city of Eston. The remaining crew of the Titanic Hawk decide that getting their ship back is priority, and they set out to retrieve their property.



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