Airship - Titanic Hawk Crew

The crew of the Titanic Hawk


The Titanic Hawk left Throal soon after the Kaer was opened. It’s mission was to scout the new world and report back, but the flight ended earlier as the ship crashed down into a forest. Our adventurers came across some of the remaining crew south of the city of Parlinth and successfully helped them recover their airship before returning to Throal.

Grimm – Ship Captain
Logan – 1st Lt.
Floyd Mayweather – Ship mage (apprentice)

The second voyage of the Titanic Hawk included some new crew. The mission was to fly south to the great city of Eston and pursue diplomatic relations with an attempt to for an alliance against Parlinth. The voyage also ended in a crash, though less severe.

Biggs – Human Air Sailor (adept) who assumed command of the Titanic Hawk
Wedge – T’skrang Scout assigned to map out the lands near Eston.

Ketchem was also part of the crew, with Raistlin a stow-away below deck


Airship - Titanic Hawk Crew

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