Nathan (Ned)

Prefers a short blade over a long discussion


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A quiet man from the former city of Kaer, Nathan has always cared little for people other than his only family; his sister (name?). Uninterested in the simple life that the Kaer offered, Nathan instead practiced in the way of sword and shadow.

Nathan became acquainted with the town Law-Man Catchem and Loud-Mouth Drake, after the less than discreet murder of Old Bill. Drake was quick to read Nathan, then decided to ally and prove out that more sinister things were going on. Little did he know how sinister things would get…

Despite Nathan’s disbelief of all things “magic” or relating to the Passions, he has always had a strong sense of adventure. When the events of the Kaer’s failing transpired, Nathan understood that he was destined to take care of these people. Although he has little compassion for individuals that put themselves in a bad spot, he has great compassion for the townsfolk as a whole and believes he was given his gift of combat for the sole purpose of keeping everyone safe.

Nathan is starting to accept that “magic” is more than simple tricks. He is curious about one of the town’s destined brothers named Rassik, and believes that if magic is real Rassik will be the key to demonstrate it. More likely, Rassik will simply prove that magic is nothing more than simple tricks.

- Slow to anger, but quick to act
- Not one for long conversation and is uneducated
- Overly confident in his abilities

Nathan (Ned)

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